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Loss Leader is Not a Reliable Strategy

Retail Chains are constantly seeking for ways to retain customers and build loyalty, and one of the popular strategy is by deploying redemption programs.

Retail Chains are forced to drop prices and deploy investment style strategy to win back consumers. This strategy when done right, brings profit growth with addition of new customers. However, when it is not executed correctly, the premium can be poor and lead to great losses.

CPC is a loyalty program provider that utilises data-driven insights to create predictive models of consumer behaviour. Our solutions are designed to not just create transaction value, but to transform consumers into loyal shoppers who derive emotional benefits from using the product.

Our Values
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At CPC, we start with being honest, personal and emphatic. By truly understanding what the consumer wants and retailer needs, we're able to come up with solutions that create a win-win situation for both parties.

About Us

Encourage, recognise, and reward loyal behaviours for sustainable relationship between retailers and Shoppers

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Making a World More Loyal

We've helped 150 Retail Chains to increase basket sizes

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The parent company of CPC that converts shoppers into buyers in Retail Market and Brands. OMG is a Multinational marketing company with presence in over 20 countries.
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