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Increase Customer Loyalty
and Average Customer Spend

All-in-one custom loyalty solution for retail chains

Creating a World More Loyal

Continuity Plus Company (CPC) is the global leader in short-term loyalty programs for retail sector with 18 years of experience.

We help retail chains to increase basket size through data-driven, digitally enhanced, tailor-made solutions. With the support of our parent company, Omni Marketing Global (OMG), we're able to deliver tailored solution to fit your needs ranging from marketing to campaign execution, training, software,  celebrities, influencers and more.
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The increased cost of customer acquisition

Did you know, the cost of acquiring a new customer is five times more than retaining an existing customer. Increasing retention rate by 5% can yield up to 95% profit?

Running a loyalty program is difficult. You would need to deal with various departments, finding the right premium, as well as managing logistics and months of loyalty campaign simultaneously.

Remove the risk of running an in-house loyalty campaign, and start earning loyal customers with CPC.

Solving Retailers Problems with Loyalty Programes

Increase Basket Spend
Improve Marketing ROI
Incentivise Repeat Sales
Increase Footfall
Increase Customer Retention

How We Do It

Step 1


Speak to our loyalty experts to explore CPC solutions.
Step 2


Survey and customise a loyalty program to fit your marketing needs.
Step 3


Train your staff, launch marketing campaign and roll-out the project.

We've helped 150 Retail Chains to increase basket sizes

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Success Stories

More Case Studies

Omega 1880 Redemption Program, Covering 77 Premium Stores Nationwide

84% of shoppers prefer to have a demo event to showcase products.

Maitre Chef Redemption Program with Guardian Singapore

+1400 redemptions in the first 4 days of campaign, earning most successful launch for Guardian Singapore.

Carl Schmidt Sohn Redemption with Haomart Singapore

Over 5,000 redemptions within 2 months.

Knife Redemption Program with Hero & Giant, Indonesia

With marketing support for program training and stock control.

Cuizzinel Redemption with Giant, Indonesia

Complete with mystery shopper, social media as marketing support.
More Case Studies

All-In-One Solution for Your Loyalty Program

Delivered in 16 weeks
Tailor made solution to fit your needs
Flawless Execution
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