Short Term Loyalty Solution

All-in-One Solution to Win Loyal Consumers, Increase Basket Spend and Footfall

Risk-free and Care-free campaign execution with flawless delivery from planning to execution and reporting.

Short term loyalty program is about managing risks.

Planning and executing a short-term loyalty program is laborious work with many moving parts and risks to manage.

We make it easy for retail chains to create and manage loyalty programs with little effort. Our program enables you to set up, execute and run your loyalty campaign while providing all the reports and insights needed to measure its success from start to finish.
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CPC Campaign Scope by Process

Before Campaign

We'll help you with planning, survey and choosing the right premiums based on your customer's preferences and goals you want to achieve.

1. Creative/Licensing of branded products
2. Shipping, custom clearance & delivery
3. Products sourcing & ordering
4. Design & Print Marketing Collateralls.
5. Internal Staff Training

During Campaign

We'll help your team to drive the campaign to success whilst providing insights about latest findings.

1. Constant promotions during campaign
2. Replenishment along with weekly reports
3. Deployment of promoters
4. Gathering customer feedback
5. Deploy Mystery Shoppers
6. Replenish Point of Sales Materials (POSM)

Post Campaign

We'll analyse and report the loyalty program

1. Post-campaign evaluation & feedback
2. Analyze customer feedback
3. Final campaign report (post-mortem)

Full Loyalty Program Process

Value Added Services

Social Media Marketing

Influencers and Bloggers

Greeters and Promoters

Mini Events and Activation

Mystery Shopper

Customer Survey

Creative and In-store support

Logistics & store level delivery

Monitoring App

Compliance Audit Feedback

Premium redemptions
Successful short-term loyalty programs
Projects Completion as of 2022

All-In-One Solution for Your Loyalty Program

Delivered in 16 weeks
Tailor made solution to fit your needs
Flawless Execution
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